I'm Shelby, and i'm so glad you're here!

As your photographer, I strive to make sure each life chapter is captured beautifully, with images that focus on life's every day love and joy. My business is built on the foundation of loving and serving my clients well beyond a transaction, but to build a deeper friendship that extends far beyond your photography session.


I'm a bit of an old soul...

I grew up appreciating that things hold memory and just because it's old doesn't mean it should be replaced. I mean what's that saying, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"

I've always loved antiques and thrifting; something I got from my mama. I collect coffee mugs; most with funny sayings, some saved from those no longer with us or others that just feel really good in my hand. I tend to savor a slower pace in life, which goes without saying I am not very tech savvy and thoroughly enjoy disconnecting from the virtual world. I am often super forgetful and honestly a bit unorganized, but still keep my crazy life going somehow!

Growing up, I grew to treasure visits to my grandparents house. I learned how to bake from my grandma. Her cheesecake is (should be) world famous! My memories of spending time with her cooking batches and batches of Christmas cookies for our family are some of my fondest.

My love for gardening started young. I can still remember eating tomatoes straight off the vine as a child or helping my mom plant flowers (her flower gardens rival the best landscapers). A lot of flowers in my gardens over the years have been passed down from family and friends.

I love a good book. I don't read as much as I'd like these days, but am part of a Book Club with my friends called, The Worms. 

My faith in Jesus is an important part of who I am. I stand firm in the belief to always lead with love and kindness and a little understanding. 

...thousand percent and exclamation point!!!! I overuse them all the time, sorry not sorry, because I will probably overuse them here! 

I have always been described as a having a bubbly personality, and tend to make people feel at ease. I love to make people laugh! And even though I am a pretty fun and happy person, I do cry a lot, haha! My hubby can vouch, I cry while editing photos, watching movies, reading a book, listening to a song, it jusssssst happens. I am a feeler at heart, and most of the time am just moved to tears by the beauty of life. 


How a dream becomes reality...

Before photography became my passion, I dedicated my time to working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Although that chapter has closed, I deeply miss the families and children I had the privilege to work with, that probably impacted my life more than I impacted theirs.

In 2020, I was able to take my passion and love of photography and started Cedar & Lace. I started out shooting weddings alongside my husband, which we both loved! We found how seamless we worked alongside each other. But as my kiddos got older, I realized through my own motherhood journey, I resonated deeply with capturing and documenting motherhood and families most.

Childhood is fleeting. Often times, moms spend so much time capturing all the precious little moments, we find ourselves not experiencing those moments with them. Which is why I lead with the philosophy that motherhood deserves to be documented. 

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